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Whether is team building, a christmas party, bucks party or your 21st birthday party - Battlefield LIVE turns traditional laser tag on its head. 

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"Extremely good and keen for another go later in the year. We have a very good venue being an old military camp."
Cameron, NSW National Parks and Wildlife 

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"But I don't know anything about laser tag! How can I run an event with it?" you say. Not to worry - Battlefield LIVE has been running events for almost twenty years and having been hiring packages Australia wide for almost ten years. 

The missions are easy to set up - but not only that, they are epic to play. 

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Think Engagment. Think Entertainment.
Think Battlefield LIVE. 

It's time to get locked & loaded with a fantastic option for your next team building (or team bonding event).

Book in the Epic or Legendary packs and get the "Heist" mission. This is perfect because its all about money! 
The manager can work to co-ordinate their team, assigning each person a role based on their talents and skills. 

Learn more about the Heist mission here.

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Battlefield LIVE has helped Bucks all over the country to celebrate!

The great thing about hiring is you have it all weekend. You can game in the evening then go out for some well deserved drinks! Or, if you're up for some extreme laser tag, game into the night.

This is better than paintball and gel blasters. With real-time stats and hit-feedback Battlefield LIVE's technology will give you an adrenaline rush every time you made a "kill".

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This is the biggest birthday you're going to have for a long time - it's important to make it epic!

No more is being "nerdy" uncool. And no more is laser tag "just for kids". Get into your camo, paint up your face, and get ready for battle.

Host a party that your friends are going to love and remember for years to come!


Unit 6, 2 Commercial Dr
Shailer Park QLD 4128


Phone: 1300 666 559