Domination Game - Laser Tag Mission

The domination box is the objective within a laser tag game. The Domination Game is a very popular game on all battlefield sites and now with SATR2 this game has been taken to the next level.

On the earlier versions of SATR, there was no sound effects and light display indicating which team was in control.

Gamers and operators could not tell easily who was in control throughout the game which could sometimes cause problems.

Gamers' experience is enhanced and it is also easy to use for the battlefield operator.

There are 2 ways you can activate the domination box that is set up by the operator prior to the start of the game.

  • Press to Dominate
  • Shoot to Dominate

* Domination via button press. Gamers can activate the box by pressing the red or green button, depending on what team you are on shooting the device.

* Dominate via shooting the Domination Box. The shoot to dominate option minimizes cheating and dead players pressing the button and also minimises the risk of collision.


If team A shoots the domination box, they activate their team timer, the timer counts up the amount of time they have been in control of that box. The box will flash red.

If team B then shoots the domination box then it will freeze team A’s timer and start Team B’s timer and vice versa.  The box will flash blue.

At the end of the game, the box will calculate which team dominated for the longest period of time.


Also now the domination box is built in a strong sturdy metal box, much lighter than previous metal boxes.  The Domiation Box now has 2 really bright LED strip lights on the sides of the boxes as well as a new sensor on the top that flash red or blue depending on which team is in control. To enable players to easily determine which team is in control.

The SATR2 system also has cool sound effects. The SFX have announcements informing the gamers throughout the game.  The frequency of the announcements can be adjusted by the battlefield operator. These are hyberbright LEDs so can be seen by gamers even in daylight.

"This is a fantastic device that really enhances any battlefield. I personally like using this device when running night ops as well as using it in the day and indoors and outdoors," said David Pointin, Battlefield LIVE Oxford.

The Domination box is a brilliant example of how devices can be integrated into the SATR2 system.