SATR Gaming Guns Feature in a Hollywood Reality TV Show

What do you get when you cross reality TV with the best movie scenes of all time?  A competition hosted by Dolph Lundgren.

race to the sceneThe show called "Race to the Scene" pits teams against each other in challenges that re-create memorable movie moments.

Famous for his roles in Action Movies like Universal solider, Rocky, and 007, as well as Sci-Fi classics like Johnny Mnemonic, Dolph this week adds a new feather to his cap, TV show host.

In each episode two person teams compete in a contest inspired by Hollywood blockbusters. The competition consists of pairs of contestants who race to and from actual movie locations as they compete in challenges and stunts inspired by memorable movie moments.

The premiere show features the famous scene from Terminator 2.

Remember that famous canal chase from James Cameron’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) where the Terminator in a huge truck is chasing the boy John Connor on a motor bike? Dolph, the contestants, and his crew recreate the movie magic using our SATR gaming guns.

Race to the Scene show pit contestants against one another racing to and from iconic movie locations participating in competitions inspired by some of the biggest blockbuster movies of all time, from Transformers to E.T. the Extra Terrestrial, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Speed and many more.

dolph Legendary actor Lundgren motivates contestants as they compete up to their eyeballs in brains from Pulp Fiction, race to pull off their own heist in The Italian Job and viewers will even see Lundgren put on wedding dress for a Bridesmaids stunt.

Lundgren says the opportunity came to him at the right time.

"I've always been an action star and never really shown who I am as a person," he says. "This gives me time to show my comedic side while interacting with the contestants."

"My favorite scene is in Terminator 2 where I say: I just arrived from the future to save you from your miserable little lives…”

Race to the Scene, every Thursday 9PM EST starting June 6 on Reelz Channel

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