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At Battlefield LIVE we want to bring you only the best, that is why we use gear from the Battlefield Sports armory. We are proud to carry only the best laser tag equipment and gear from Batlefield Sports Armory. 

Laser Tag Equipment and Gear

Game On! Battlefield Sports mission is to provide on a mass market scale, an addictive, compelling live gaming experience using innovative laser tag equipment that is a powerful force in creating a more active and socially engaged gamer generation.

The Battlefield Sports' business is to be the market leader in the live gaming industry, by supplying innovative laser tag equipment and using the opportunities of the Internet to deliver great customer service and functionality.  

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Battlefield Sports believes in:

  • innovative spirit
  • zest for creating thrilling memories, memories that will last a lifetime
  • passion, determination and drive towards helping battlefield owners start their dream business

The Battlefield Sports' story has been featured in:
* The Australian
* News Limited
* Wall Street Journal
* Nett Magazine & many more.

Unlike a franchise Battlefield Sports does not impose a certain way of entertaining your gamers. In fact, our SATR technology is so flexible you can theme your battlefield as indoor sci-fi, mobile laser tag, outdoor milsim, or zombie games; from family friendly to full on hard core experiences.

Battlefield Sports has been inspired by our love of gaming and our enthusiasm to help others, just like you, to build a viable thriving enterprise for you and your family.

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