Play Battlefield LIVE with Battlefield Sports' Equipment

Hello recruit, welcome to Battlefield LIVE the game created with Battlefield Sports' technology.

Battlefield LIVE is an authentic combat entertainment experience using sophisticated gaming guns from Battlefield Sports.

I am your C.O. that's Commanding Officer. But you can call me "Siren."

Battlefield LIVE is the most realistic simulation, short of joining the military.  You can experience this for yourself, when I brief you on missions called "Live-Plays." Just like a screen play, the Live Play gives gamers their mission briefing, Intel on the enemy, and terrain map.

It is like being part of your own movie except the plot is determined by you. I, or one of my fellows C.O.s, will brief you on the battlefield, on how to use the gaming guns and on your team's objectives. Your orders could be to fight in the woods. Or with our patent pending gaming inflatables Live Plays can be played anywhere. There is a chain of command at Battlefield LIVE, so you will follow your C.O's orders.

Battlefield LIVE's sophisticated technology means our Live Plays can be played in small groups or scaled up to 300 people at once. When there is 150 players per side the game is awesome, there's so much energy and excitement, and lots of "shooting!"