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Halloween Party

Halloween Party
(Teens Event)

Want to thrill some teens and adults? Book some zombie laser tag!

Giant Laser Tag Event

Up to 100 (50 v 50) games battling across the entire indoor adventure centre. 

One of a Kind experience 

Take on the zombies and live. Or not. 


Get ready for an adrenaline-filled night

This is a mega battle. Up to 50 gamers per side. Battling across the entire adventure playground.


Horror Rush! [Backstory]

A rival scavenger group have fortified area. They are ruthless killers, kill them, before they kill us. If we are going to survive this nightmare we need better guns, better armour and medical supplies. We know they have them.
They will need to be defeated in detail. There first fortified position is nearby we need to kill them all and move in. Scouts indicated there is a supply of AK47’s near there.

The next position to capture is along the back wall. Here they store their body Armor on the first level.

Our final objective is in the main maze itself, first level, we need to kill them all there it capture the final medic supplies and eliminate their group.

To make matter worse, we know mutants armed with clubs and axes are already moving into the building. Mutants can be knocked down by rifle fire, but not for long. More mutants are on their way, we need to be in and out in 20 minutes else all is lost.

This mission will be run twice, the team that when attacking captures the greatest number of positions in sequence in 20 minutes wins. If both teams capture the same number of objectives, then team it did it the fastest when attacking wins.

To capture a position, you will need to shoot the yellow box there and have it flashing your team colour for 30 seconds continuously. Once this is done, you can capture the next objective.

If your alive a next to a grey box, you will pick up the suppliers it provides such as the AK47 or a random piece of armour.
If you die go back to the base to respawn from grey box there.

The situation is dire, Mutants are on their way and we will need all the supplies we have to hold them off. Enemy a group is moving into Area51, we must stop them at all costs.

We are positioned in a fortified position defending our stash of AK47’s nearby. Inside our position is a limited number of medical supplies that can keep the seriously wounded in the fight by providing a respawn.
If your alive a next to a grey box, you will pick up the suppliers it provides such as the AK47 or a random piece of armour.

The medical supplies can be found in the nearby yellow box.
If we lose position 1, we fall back to our armour storage position, more medical supplies are there to provide a small number of respawns.
Finally, if position 2 is lost, we fall back to defend our medical station on level 1 of the main maze using up our remaining medical supplies.

You mutants armed with axes and baseball bats. You have snuck into the top level of the maze. When any normal humans enter maze, sneak down to kill them at close range. You will need to get close and swing your weapon at
A range of 1-1.5 metres no physical contact. If you die, retreat to the top level. After 1 minute you will self-resurrect and can then attack the humans again!

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