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Check out our different devices. Battlefield LIVE packs come with a variety of items. Here is our armoury of gaming guns, controllers, and battle boxes!

Battlefield LIVE isn't your traditional indoor laser tag - it's epic! Hire for a day or a weekend and get hours of gaming. 

blue scorpion model

Blue "Scorpion"

Most packs will come with coloured scorpions to tell the team. Blue versus Red. This is for the blue team. 

red scorpion model

Red "Scorpion"

Get into the action with a red scorpion. Most packs have coloured coded gaming gun. This is for the red team. 

black scorpion model

Black "Scorpion"

Some pack will come with all black gaming guns. The team can be identified by the attached headband. 

white scorpion model

Ghost "Scorpion"

Super rare ghost scorpions. Like with the black pack, tell the teams with the headbands. 

green scorpion model

Green "Scorpion"

Included in packs as the "spare" device. This can replace any broke / flat device. 

master controller


All packs come with a controller. They are yellow so they are easy to find. 

battle box yellow

Large Battle Box

Large battle boxes come in the Epic and Legendary packs to be used as a domination boxmoney drop or supply crate. 

battle box blue

Blue Battle Box

Every pack comes with a blue battle box. This can be set up as a medic box, flag box, or battle royale box depending on the mission. 

battle box red

Red Battle Box

Like the blue battle box, each pack has a red battle box. 

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