Medic Box

Medic Box

Reduce your staffing with the Battle Box. 

The box can be configured as:
Medic Box: so gamers can re-pawn themselves. We recommend placing one medic box at each team's base.
Ammo Box: so gamers can replenish their ammunition
Combo Box: so it acts as both a medic and ammo box.
This unit is generally used as a medic box, however, just like all other SATR system units, it can be configured to take unlimited hits so you can use it to zero your gaming guns.

The medic box also resets the re-spawn counter via the radio functions if you first do a  “game end” and then “game start.” The box display also shows the time left in the game.

Standard issue color: Jedi Grey (new textured powder coating, click on the photo above for a closer look).

Gun Specs - Medic Box
Other Specs
Warranty24 months
Recommended EnvironmentDay/Night Outdoors, e.g. forest, fun fairs. Also able to be used indoors or in an urban environment