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Get ready for this classic mission. You’ve got a limited amount of time to steal cash! This is perfect for corporate groups and work x-mas parties!

There is a job for every personality. You can head to the centre and pick up money from the Money Drop. Or you can choose to sneak around to the enemy’s vault & steal cash directly from the other team. Or, if you kill a gamer carrying cash, you steal half of it!

This is a high stakes heist – winner takes all! 


How it works

In your pack you will have at least three battle boxes. The first two are set up as Vaults and the third is the Money Drop.  

The Money Drop slowly collects money. Gamers can shoot the box to take the cash - then they should rush back as fast as they can to return it to their vault.

If you kill a gamer who is carrying cash, you get half of it.

Another way to get money is to steal from the other team's vault. Sneak in and grab as much cash as you can!  

Gamers have a limited amount of Hit Points (HP), when they are shot they loose HP. If they run out of HP, they “die”. They go back to their team’s vault to get a respawn, then they are back in the game. 


Supply Crate

With the Legendary pack you also have a supply crate one the field. Place this equal distance away from each team's vault. 

Find out more about the supply crate here!





With the key, turn the Red & Blue team Battle Boxes off, then on again. They should once more say "Spare Device" on the display.

Using the red or black button scroll through the different options until you find "Vault". Press the green (middle) button.

One box should be on "Red" team, while the other should be on "Blue". Press the green button to select.
Place the Battle Boxes on either end of wherever you are playing (see map), this is the team's base.

Next, do the same but this time select "Money Drop" no team is required. This should be placed equal distance from the two teams. 



The mission is all about how much money your gang has in their vault at the end of the mission. Every 15 seconds, the Money Drop box will add more money.  

Gamers shoot the box to collect the cash. Then they run back to the vault to deposit their money.

There is more than one way to pick up cash. If you kill a enemy gamer who is holding cash, you receive half the amount.

Even better, you can sneak up behind enemy lines and steal the cash directly from the enemy vault!


At the end of the mission, whichever team has the most amount of cash in their vault wins. You can see how much they have in their vault by looking at the display.

While you are looking at Vault, encourage the gamers to compare their individual stats (see the general guide). 


"Alright, gang. It's crunch time.

We need to steal as much money as we can within 15 minutes. In the bank, found in the center of the battlefield is a money drop box. It will be adding money through the game and will flash when it has cash. To steal the money, shoot the sensor at the top of the box.

Once you have the money, you'll need to escape back to your team's vault. This will be near your starting base.

Watch out though, the other team can steal some of your money from the vault. if you do manage to kill a gamer who is carrying money, you receive half of it.

unlimited respawns are available from your base.

May the best gang win!

(everything else!)


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