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It's Call of Duty LIVE.

The objective of the Domination Game is to control the objective point (the Domination Box) in the battlefield area.




The medic boxes go on either end of wherever you are playing. Turn these on before the game starts. The domination box (yellow) goes in the centre.

Player should start by their team’s box equal distance from the domination box.

Kick off the game with “Start” on the controller.

To capture a control point, a gamer must shoot the Domination Box their gaming gun will issue a SFX indicated they have owned the box.

The Domination Box will also flash red or blue depending on which team the gamer is from.

At the end of the mission, the box will announce the winning team either “Alpha Team is Victorious” or “Bravo Team is Victorious”

Love this game?

So do we! We've been playing this game for years. Here's another briefing video (under a different name).

Perfect if you're playing indoors or around buildings!

Briefing Version II >>>

On the other end of the field, the other team recieves this briefing.

Briefing Version III >>>





If you have just played Team Death Match, keep the first two boxes as Medic Boxes. if not, follow the instructions from the Team Death Match mission for set up.

Next, turn on the third battle box. This should say "Spare Device" on the display. Using the red or black button scroll through the different options until you find "Domination Box". Press the green (middle) button.
Place the Domination Box in the centre of the field. Not sure where that is? Walk the distance, counting your steps as you (see map above). 



Just like with Team Death Match, start the gamers near their Medic Box. The objective of the mission is to hold the Domination Box for the longest. Capture the box by shooting it. It will flash the currently dominating team's colour: Red or Blue. One second = one point. There is no need to shoot the box if its is already flashing their colour. Instead players should focus on the enemy and keep them from taking the box. 

The Domination Box keeps track of everyone's scores. At the end of the game it will announce the winner. Afterwards, gamers can compare their individual stats (see the general guide).


"OK, recruits. Listen up. Your orders are to take control of a key tactical position and dominate it for as long as possible. There is a domination box located near the middle of the field. This is your objective.

You will need to take control of the box by shooting the sensor on the top. When you take control, the box will start flashing your team's colour. Every second it flashes your team's colour your team scores one point. Your goal is to hold the position for as long as possible during the game.

If your team is already in control of the box you do not need to shoot it. Instead focus on driving back the opposition. Every five seconds the box will announce which team is in control for example, "alpha team is dominating".

If you die, return to base. This is where you will start from. There will be a medic box which will issue unlimited respawns. All you need to do is get close to this box and it will bring you back to life. If you attempt to respawn from the enemy's base, the box will not affect you.

No one is to move the medic boxes or the domination box.

Now, move out!"

(everything else!)


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