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Capture the Flag

Taking an old classic and making it AWESOME.

We’ve pulled captured the flag into the 21st century.

In Capture the Flag you can choose to defend your team’s flag box, rush in and try and grab a (electronic) flag, or sneak up and steal it without the other team noticing you!

Hire the Epic or Legendary packs to have a supply crate running during the game as well. What's a supply crate? Check out the page here.



In your pack you will have at least two battle boxes. These can be set up to work as flag boxes. The flag box also respawns players.

To score a point, gamers must rush in – or sneak up – and steal a flag from the enemy box. Then they have to race all the way back to their own Flag Box.

Flag after flag can be captured. The team who captures the most amount of flags over the mission wins.

Gamers have a limited amount of Hit Points (HP), when they are shot they loose HP. If they run out of HP, they “die”. They go back to their team’s flag box to get a respawn, then they are back in the game. 





With the key, turn your Battle Boxes off, then on again. They should once more say "Spare Device" on the display.

Using the red or black button scroll through the different options until you find "Flag Box". Press the green (middle) button.

One box should be on "Red" team, while the other should be on "Blue". Press the green button to select.
Place the Battle Boxes on either end of wherever you are playing (see map), this is the team's base.  

Capture the Flag is usually timed - a good length is 10 or 15 minutes (see the general guide). Just like with Team Death Match, start the gamers near their Battle Box.

The Flag Box will provide respawns and restock expended ammo. 



The scoring for Capture the Flag is done using the Flag Boxes. At the end of the mission, look at the screen on the boxes. It will say Flags Captured and a number. 

The team with the highest score is victorious. While you are looking at the Flag Boxes, encourage the gamers to compare their individual stats (see general guide).


"OK, listen up. We're going to be playing Electronic Capture the Flag. At your team's base is a Flag Box. This will provide you respawns and ammo.

You will want to defend this box - because the enemy can steal flags from it.  

So, how do you win? To get one point, a player will need to achieve the following incredible feat: reach the opposing team's flag box, shoot that box - your gaming gun will say "flag captured" - then escape without dying, get back to your team's flag box and shoot that box, your gaming gun will say "flag returned". If you hear that, great job, you've just earned one point.

A team can have multiple flags in play at the same time. When a gamer has a flag, their head sensors will be flashing. If you see an opposition gamers with a flag, kill them before they get away. Alright, recruits, move out!"

(everything else!)


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